HJEM365 Welcome to our online store !


Our belief


The retail stores and expensive designer brands give consumers an expensive deal. That's because everyone along the way takes a cut, from agents to landlords. And you - our customer - pay for that cut. So we're making a stand: taking on these expensive stores to offer you original furniture design at affordable prices. 



Direct from the makers


No physical stores. No middlemen. Limited warehousing and inventory. We're just a passionate team bringing a new way to buy furniture: cutting out the fuss so you can get beautifully made pieces at a price to suit you. We believe in KISS: Keep it Simple and Smart. You order sitting from the comfort of your home, and we deliver to your doorstep.



Unique Homes


Hand picked and not bulk produced. We handpick designs after looking at many, scurrying through the finest, smartest and cost effective. We choose furniture that we would love to keep in our homes, not just yours.


Remember the feeling you get at a furniture store– “Oh I like this, but I’ll find atleast 25 of these in my neighbourhood”? Here’s the best part: Only a few pieces of each design are actually produced, so that your home looks unique and reflects your taste and character.


The end result: a unique product line that will appeal to your fine tastes, without boring a hole in your pocket.



We care for the people


We help society become sustainable by working with producers with ethical working policies. We can assure that although many of our products are made in the East, the producers we work with are not cutting costs by hiring under-aged workers, while maintaining safe working environment.



Uncompromised Quality


We work with fresh design talent to create our unique furniture collection. And then we find the best craftsmen to build it - often the same people who make products for top brands.  We are not afraid to scout for interesting designers far and wide. We try to keep things fresh. Thus, we are always on the road, looking for shapes, colors, combinations and designs that bring novelty to your home.

Sit Back, and Relax





Our furniture is made to order, so it can take a little longer to arrive than a 'high street' buy. It's a trade-off - but we believe the quality of the design, the beautiful build and the unbeatable price are worth the wait.


The brighter side: You sit home, and order. No more agonizing aimless strolls along shopping aisles, hoping to find something you would like at big retailers.



Tension-free returns


We're sure you will like it, but if not, you can return it to us within 7-14 days of delivery for a refund. Simply contact us with a brief explanation, and we'll arrange for it to be collected by our delivery partners.