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Terms of Sale:

Below you will find all the details about your rights, claim requirements and more. We hope it never will be a need for this, but if it does, we will solve your case as soon as possible!

Definition of parties:

Vendor: Scandinavian Furnishings AS

- Organization number: 913 373 073.

- Mailing address: Scandinavian Furnishings AS, PO Box 160, 5873 Bergen.

- E-mail: info@hjem365.no / phone: 922 20 365

In the following www.hjem365.no and Scandinavian Furnishings AS including designated salesman, we or us.

Buyer is: the person who is listed as the buyer in order. Hereinafter referred including the customer, you, you, or your.


1: General:

The sales conditions below apply to all sales through www.hjem365.no to consumers. Sales conditions together with order, confirmed by an order confirmation, the total basis for purchase. Sales terms and other information on www.hjem365.no is available in Norwegian.

www.hjem365.no selling of Norwegian stock, consequently applies to Norwegian consumer purchases, consumer law, marketing law, e-Commerce Act and Credit Act for all consumer purchases in Norway.

For company purchase, the current legislation which regulates trade between businesses.
2. Ordering and contract process:

In index form will purchase and delivery of Scandinavian Furnishings AS preceding this:
• Log on to www.hjem365.no
• Choose products, click add to cart
• Go to your shopping cart, review details
• Select billing and shipping
• Sign your name and address
• For payment, follow directions from payment / card vendors, please.
• Confirm Order
• Receive order confirmation by e-mail
• Receive a copy of the purchase receipt with delivery information
• Receive shipment numbers for package tracking for products on stock
• Receive notice from the carrier that the goods can be collected and retrieve goods, for larger items home delivery agreed delivery date in advance.

Your order is binding when the order is recorded on our server. Scandinavian Furnishings AS is simultaneously bound by your order as long as it does not deviate from what is offered by us in our webshop, marketing or otherwise. You still have the right to withdraw from the purchase in accordance with the law of cooling which is discussed below.
When Scandinavian Furnishings AS receive your order, we will confirm the order by sending an order confirmation to you automatically by e-mail, then follow this up with an e-mail with a copy of the sales receipt and delivery information. Read carefully the order confirmation when you receive these and examine order confirmation complies with the order.
Should there be any discrepancy between your order and the order confirmation, we will revert to you with a revised offer, and then you can choose to accept or turn down. You still have the right to invoke your original booking if this is consistent with what we have offered. Exceptions can occur, see point 4 for more information.
4. Information provided by the shop:
We try to provide as accurate and detailed information about our products as possible. We do however reserve the right to write / errors in specifications, text, price and other information on our website may occur. Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel all or part of your order if the product is sold. By occur you will be notified of this, together with information about what we can offer instead. A new reservation must be made through the online store to charge cards, possibly. Other agreements made and payment effected by prepayment of account.
5. Prices:
All prices include Norwegian VAT. Total cost of purchase will appear before ordering and include all expenses associated with the purchase, including postage, shipping, packaging, environmental tax M.M. with the following exceptions:
5A: Deliveries outside mainland - Norway:
Deliveries to Svalbard, Norwegian continental shelf or other remote Norwegian lands f. Ex Norwegian military records abroad, as well as Sweden and Denmark, sold without the addition of VAT. For purchases from Sweden or Denmark to special rules on imports, customs duties and VAT, and this is between you as a customer and applicable authorities.
The storefront will be offered items including Norwegian VAT for purchases outside the Norwegian tax zone before separate page for this is launched ordered goods in online store and can only be paid by credit card and choice of goods to be shipped. The price should then be read as price, excluding VAT, and this amount will be the product's price and additional costs for transport to Sweden / Denmark. VAT and fees will come on top of this rate in your country and is payable in your country.
6. Payment:
The purchase price can by your own choice settled Netaxept, Visa, Mastercard or prepayment of bank account. We do not ship pr. COD.
For payment of account, use the account number:  9526.06.44158
When using card purchase price will be required upon booking. If the payment cannot be made, we reserve the right to cancel the booking. You will receive information about any such cancellation.
We charge card when goods are ready for shipment by us or our logistics partner. Cards will only be charged for the goods shipped and correct postage. We can draw a smaller amount than reserved, but it is not possible to charge more than you have approved.

If there is a long time gap between order and shipment of goods, your bank may take away the reservation on your account. We will still make a withdrawal of the amount for the goods shipped, unless you have canceled in advance.

If we do not get drawn amount when sending goods, we reserve the right to cancel all or part of the order.